AL-Hassan Industrial (QIZ), AR-Ramtha, Irbid-21467, Jordan

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We have more than 1000 employees in Galaxy Apparel Industry, Most of the employees from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, and Jordan. Our workforce is satisfied with compensation and benefits, the accommodation and the food and other facilities that they are getting, including health care, entertainment facilities, social security measures, etc.

• Compensation and Benefits: The minimum compensation required by local law, including mandated wages, overtime, additional all allowances, benefits instructed by law is paying to our valued worker without any delay.

• Hours of Work:Galaxy Apparel Industry ensures the working hour of each day and the days worked each week do not exceed the legal maximum limit. One day off is allowed in every seven days, except if there in any top most emergency shipment pressure. In Such case Galaxy is providing alternative holiday or additional holiday compensation to the worker.

• No Forced labor: Galaxy Apparel Industry is not compromising to basic human rights. We will never accept any kind of forced or involuntary labor at any form. It prohibits all relevant personnel form coercing employees in any way or unnecessarily limiting the freedom of movement enjoyed by the employees.

• No child labor: Galaxy Apparel Industry believes that today’s children are the leader of tomorrow. So, education is the priority for children. Therefore, no child labor is allowed in Galaxy Apparel Industry at any stage of Production. No person under legal age can recruit at Galaxy Apparel Industry

Freedom of association: Neither any form of harassment or abuse, be it physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal nor is any threat of violence or corporal punishment used against the workers or other staff. Galaxy Apparel Industry believes that dignity, respect each other, mutual understanding leads good working environment. Ultimately good working environment leads good productivity. The worker of Galaxy Apparel Industry enjoying top most freedom and there is no barrier for any kind of association among Policy against

• Harassment and abuse: We are very strict against any kind of harassment or any kind of abuse. We are inspiring our all worker to inform us if there is any harassment or abuse case through proper channel according our grievance policy. Sufficient training and poster is taken place to raise their voice against harassment if there is.

• No Discrimination: All employee of Galaxy is same, no matter from where he /she is, what is the gender, race, age, local or foreigner etc. Everything are equal and have right to get equal treatment. Recruitment, promotion, termination everything in Galaxy depends on their ability and efficiency. No discrimination is made based on their personal characteristics which are irrelevant to the execution of their job or their personal beliefs.

• Health and Safety: Galaxy Apparel industry is committed to ensure safe and healthy working environment. We have adequate first aid kits, clinic, doctors, nurses etc. we have sufficient number of fire alarm, fire extinguisher, emergency water rills, emergency exit with push bar, emergency light etc. to ensure safety and health of our valued worker. We have different training program for their awareness. We have available pure drinking water with easy accessibility and we have good sanitation facility.

• Accommodation: We Galaxy Apparel Industry have separate accommodation for men and women worker very close to the factory. All rooms are very spacious and tidy. We follow the health ministry latest requirement. There are sufficient wash rooms and toilets. There is sufficient water supply per seasonal demand. Safe and sufficient electric supply is available. Fire alarm with firefighting equipment is also available. First aid kits with full ingredient are available at every floor of the dorm.