About us

Building the future

Galaxy Apparel Industry Ltd. co. was established in 2005, at Al- Hassan Industrial Estate, which is the
world’s first qualifying Industrial Zone (QIZ), at Ar-Ramtha, near Irbid city, in the Hashemite Kingdom of
Jordan. Initially, it started in a very small scale by Mohammad Nur Alam, President and CEO of:

– Galaxy Apparel Industry Ltd. Co in Jordan,
– Galaxy Apparel USA INC in New York.
– Afnan Apparel Industry Ltd in Bangladesh,
– Shaoxing Galaxy Textile Ltd.co in China

+ Galaxy Apparel Industry is achieving exemplary growth in terms of manpower and productivity every financial year by an extraordinary effort of the Galaxy team members.

+ Now, it consists of over 750 various machines, more than 1000 employees and produces 20,000 to 25,000 garments per day. Its turnover is 30-35 million US dollars per annum.

The Company produces top quality garments such as:

  • active knit tops and bottoms
  • casual bottoms
  • formal pants
  • work wear
  • outer wear
  • sports wear

Geographical Reach

Our vision is to become a leading manufacturer and exporting company amongst all the apparel industries in Jordan. This can be accomplished via spontaneous productivity and excellence of quality, service and customer satisfaction.
Our mission is to satisfy all its stakeholders by filling their expectations within a legal frame. We would like to consider the environmental issues, worker welfares, comply with local and international laws, maintain the business ethics and also to fulfill corporate social responsibility to reach our mission.


+ Our Goal is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction consistently and to Continuously strive for improvement.

+ And thus, our company identifies and confirms and takes crucial steps immediately in order to fulfill the customer needs.


Our objective is to achieve and maintain optimum dedication, best effort, new concepts, collective thinking, and positive attitude from its employees in order to reach its vision and mission.

Experience and Growth:

Mohammad Nur Alam founded Galaxy Apparel Industry Ltd. Co. in Al-Hassan Industrial Estate (QIZ), AR-Ramtha, Irbid, Jordan in the year of 2005.

Journey from Zero to Hero

Initially, GAI started as a small scale factory but now due to his visionary steps and vast experience, the Company has become renowned amongst the others. Besides the factory, we have a separate embroidery unit that produces approximately 10000 pcs per day. Galaxy Apparel Industry Ltd. Co is now planning for Business diversification.

As a visionary entrepreneur, Mohammad Nur Alam is always seeking possibilities and is willing to take challenges. He believes that threat and opportunity goes hand in hand. Where there is a challenge, there is also a chance.


• In the few years, from 2016, our initial turnover was 24m $ and by the end of 2020, we reached 35m$.

• This illustrates the annual growth of the Galaxy Apparel Industry.



Each and every employee is devoted to their responsibilities and duties of their profession in the Company.


We create trusted and outstanding collaboration amongst our customers and colleagues, and we aspire to retain long-run relations for future stakeholders.


We believe in the importance of all stakeholders; and value the ideas and beliefs of all co-workers. In addition, regardless of religion, customs and nationalities, none is more significant than the other. Employees here are privileged to enjoy their freedom of speech with no restricted barriers.


We insure that the goods we produce are in optimum quality and are completely harmless to our stakeholders.


Every member of the Company must follow the Company’s policies and practices so that errors can be prevented which can enhance the working environment without any sort of discrimination amongst the workers and staffs.


The company provides an especially safe, secure and hygienic environment for all its employees such as first aid kits, doctors, sanitation facilities etc. Also, we are very strict against any sort of harassment (physical or verbal) and encourage our workers to inform the authority according to our grievance policy.

Our Team

Mohammad Nur Alam

President & CEO

Sadekul Islam

General Manager

Suresh Karmakar

Deputy General Manager