Since 2005, Galaxy Apparel has been dedicated to ever higher standards in value-added, world-class manufacturing of apparel, delivering quality, value and innovation with constant reliability for our customers globally. The man behind this great success who created his bigger shoes for others to follow is Mohammad Nur Alam, President & CEO of: renowned organization in apparel industry, we are here has below…

Galaxy Apparel Industry Ltd. Co in Jordan,
⇒Afnan Apparel Industry Ltd in Bangladesh,
⇒Galaxy Apparel USA INC in New York
⇒Shaoxing Galaxy Textile Ltd.co in China

Today, Galaxy Apparel is a leader in active wear manufacturer from high-end fashion to good everyday products. It is the company’s history of versatility in innovation, design, and enamorus leadership that has propelled Galaxy Apparel to the forefront of the industry, resulting in over a decades of sustained growth and success.

Our Purpose:

“We drive through our self with innovation, designing with technology to create next generation products also keeping in mind our environment to take it forward for many generations. We believe “ “ Gender equity has been a tenet of Galaxy since its inception. The Company has strived to create an egalitarian environment, and we are proud that women made up 80% of our workforce and 53% of our management team at the end of 2023. As we look towards the future, our goal is to continue to empower women across our value chain and communities through various programs, female-focused marketing initiatives.”

our growth & development

We Galaxy Apparel is a learning organization. We understand that employee learning and development are critical for organizational development, growth and success. We invest time and resources to develop human capital by holding training courses and learning programs to promote leadership, professional and organizational skills. These programs ultimately benefit the Company by developing a loyal, satisfied and skilled workforce and creating a positive culture with shared goals and alignment with our success. We encourage our employees to be active partners in building their individual training and development plans.

We tailor our learning processes to the constantly changing business and professional environment. Our employees undergo training sessions on cybersecurity, workplace safety, sexual harassment, and ethics, and they have access on other professional and managerial topics that help build an innovative, collaborative, and growth-oriented culture.

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